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NF Railways Working On High Pace To Become Net Zero Carbon Producer

To meet the Indian Railways’ goal of becoming a net carbon producer by 2030, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NF Railway) is making rapid progress.

By commissioning the Abhayapuri-Pancharatna 34.59 kilometer double-line section and the 22.823 kilometer single-line section of Dudhnoi-Mendipathar on March 15, 2023, the NF Railway accomplished another significant milestone.

The electrification work in these areas was done by the Central Organization for Railway Electrification (CORE).

Meghalaya’s sole railroad stop, Mendipathar, has been open since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inauguration on November 30, 2014.

Trains hauled by electric locomotives will now be able to depart straight from Mendipathar in Meghalaya as a result of the commissioning of electric traction, increasing the average speed.

More trains transporting passengers and cargo will be able to travel through these sections at their top sectional speeds.

This part will also be more punctual. Electric locomotive-powered parcel and freight trains from other states will be able to travel straight to Meghalaya.

Train mobility in the northeast will also be greatly increased by electrification.

By switching from fossil fuels to energy, pollution will be reduced, and the region’s railway system will operate more effectively.

Along with streamlining gridlock, this would also speed up trains traveling to and from northeastern states and conserve valuable foreign currency.

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