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‘NATO Is Also A Nuclear Alliance,’ French Foreign Minister Reminds Putin

When Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons, France’s foreign minister pointed out that NATO is also a nuclear alliance, but he ruled out NATO-led military involvement to safeguard Ukraine.

When asked if Putin’s threat of “such consequences that you have never faced in your history” was interpreted as a threat to use nuclear weapons by Russia in the Ukraine crisis, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian acknowledged it was.

“Yes, I believe Vladimir Putin must recognise the Atlantic Alliance as a nuclear alliance. That’s all I have to say about it “On French television, TF1, Le Drian remarked on Thursday.

Putin said Russia would respond immediately if any other force sought to interfere with its activities, speaking from the Kremlin on Thursday morning as the Russian military commenced its invasion of Ukraine.

“Anyone attempting to obstruct us, and especially those attempting to create dangers to our country and people, should be aware that Russia will respond swiftly. And it will lead to consequences you have never experienced before in your life “Russian President Vladimir Putin stated.

On Thursday, Western leaders threatened Russia with unprecedented economic sanctions, but none have advocated for a NATO-led military operation to safeguard Ukraine.

Ukraine is not a NATO member, and the alliance is not obligated to protect it by treaty.

“That is not what the Ukrainians are asking us,” Le Drian said when asked why NATO member states, who have engaged militarily in non-NATO nations such as Afghanistan, Libya, and the former Yugoslavia in the previous decades, are reluctant to put forces on the ground in Ukraine.

Ukraine is requesting humanitarian and financial assistance, as well as military equipment, which the West has provided and will continue to offer, according to him.

“They have made a list, and we are analysing that list in order to meet their needs as fast as possible,” Le Drian said when asked what weapons NATO could provide.

When asked if Europe and NATO could continue to rule out military action despite Russian troops in Ukraine and Putin’s threat of nuclear annihilation, Le Drian argued sanctions would be more effective.

“Economically and financially strangling Russia will be stronger in the long term than any action,” the foreign minister added.

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