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Mumbai Police Suspends 7 Officials Over Several Outings Of Wadhawan Brothers

One officer and six constables from the prison escort squad of the Wadhawan brothers, who are being held in Taloja Jail, were suspended by the Mumbai Police on Tuesday. These officers were in charge of escorting them to the hospital for examinations.

The suspension followed news reports that the Wadhawan brothers had gone on a number of outings while feigning a need to visit the hospital for a checkup.

On the suburbs of Mumbai, the Wadhawan brothers are currently being held in Taloja Central Jail on suspicion of a bank fraud totaling more than Rs 30,000 crore.

Cameras from news agency TV documented how the boys were able to do these excursions frequently. These fictitious medical trips, which were officially sanctioned, allowed them to use laptops and mobile phones, eat at reputable restaurants, and even conduct business while being escorted by police. Also provided were food for the police escorts.

On August 7, Kapil Wadhawan allegedly fled the Taloja prison for the KEM Hospital to undergo a medical examination. He was later discovered to have turned instead toward the hospital parking lot, where his friends and family were waiting for him in private vehicles.

Dheeraj Wadhawan also fled Taloja prison for JJ Hospital two days later under the guise of receiving medical attention. According to the jail and hospital records that the news agency was able to collect, Kapil Wadhawan’s out-of-hospital visits were surprisingly frequent. The case of Dheeraj Wadhawan also showed a similar tendency.

The Mumbai Police responded to these allegations by suspending the officers who were on the escort team for both brothers.

The Wadhawan brothers are on trial for their alleged involvement in an illegal plot to defraud a total of 17 banks. Additionally, they are the targets of ongoing Enforcement Directorate investigations and are involved in about six cases that the CBI and police have filed.

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