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Mission Mangalyaan Finally Over, Confirms ISRO

The life of India’s first Mangalyaan mission ends after over a decade of its launch, confirmed Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Monday. It is now unrecoverable because the Mangalyaan has no fuel left to revive itself in the orbit of Red Planet.
The spacecraft which was operated around Mars has now reached its end of life after more than 10 years of interplanetary journey.

ISRO in 27 September, 2022 called a one-day national meeting to celebrate the Mars Orbiter Mission for complete eight years of Mangalyaan in the Martian orbit.

At the national meeting, the ISRO said that the fuel probably been exhausted, and in this manner, the ideal demeanor pointing couldn’t be accomplished for supported power generation.

“It was declared that the spacecraft is non-recoverable, and attained its end-of-life. The mission will be ever-regarded as a remarkable technological and scientific feat in the history of planetary exploration,” said ISRO calling the mission Mars finally over.

ISRO chief S Somanath at the meeting also told that the mission which was finally over gave a better understanding of spatial features of Mars, Martian atmosphere, morphology and the composition of different gases present in its exosphere.

Mission Mangalyaan could catch the full picture of Mars in view of its curved circle and produce an atlas of Mars with the assistance of the variety camera attached on the mission, said ISRO.

Initially the mission which was thought to designed only for six months long mission around Martian orbit has already exceeded the limit as it remained operational for more than eight years.

Mangalyaan was sent off in 2013 onboard PSLV-C25 as the pioneering interplanetary mission from India, making Isro the fourth space organization on the planet to send off such a mission outside Earth’s circle. The spacecraft was a showing mission pointed toward demonstrating that India could configure, send off and work a mission on other world.

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