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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Meerut Police Arrests 38-Year Old Muslim Man Living In Temple As Sadhu

The Meerut police detained a 38-year-old Muslim guy who had been living at a temple under the pretense of a sadhu for several months. The suspect, known as Gulloo, hails from Panipat, Haryana’s Gadhri village. In a criminal matter, he is accused.

The police were tipped off that a Muslim community member was living close to the Shiv temple on NH-58 in Matur village and posing as a sadhu. This is how the incident was discovered. The cops acted quickly and arrived at the scene. A man in sadhu garb was discovered close to the temple grounds.

Authorities claim that Gulloo, who was disguised as a sadhu, had been residing close to the shrine since January 2023. The locals had no idea of his past. The reason for his conduct and his decision to live in disguise is currently being looked into by the authorities.

The Daurala Police Station’s SI Abhishek Patel confirmed Gulloo’s religion as Islam. The details of Gulloo’s criminal past are still unknown. He is already married, but his wife does not live with him, it has been made known.

Police have the accused in custody, and more investigation is being conducted.

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