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Mansoor Ali Khan Expresses Disappointment With Censor Board’s Cuts For Film Saraku While Criticism Tamannah’s Kaavaalaa

The Leo actor Mansoor Ali Khan made fun of Tamannaah Bhatia’s song Kaavaalaa in a statement on Tamil Nadu censorship. During a press conference on Saturday, the actor discussed the censorship cuts made to his film Saraku. Mansoor mentioned Kaavaalaa while lamenting the cuts and modifications that the Censor Board had insisted upon. Anirudh R wrote the song, which appeared in Rajinikanth’s Jailer movie. Mansoor was seen blasting the song in a clip from the press conference that trade analyst Manobala V posted on X.

He said that the movements are poor and questioned how the music received approval. He criticised Tamannaah’s song and the steps while mimicking them. He continued by challenging the censoring standards. The statements did not go down well with fans and many slammed him for his comments.

“Highly condemn #Leo actor Mansoor Ali Khan’s disrespectful speech about actress Tamannaah’s #Jailer Kaavaalaa song in yesterday’s press meet. This not the right way to criticize censor board,” Manobala wrote. “Criticise but should always respect others,” added another. “So disrespectful towards it,” a third user wrote.

Regarding Mansoor Ali Khan’s remarks regarding the Jailer song, Tamannaah and Anirudh have not yet responded.

Lyrics for the song Kaavaalaa were penned by Arunraja Kamaraj and are performed by Shilpa Rao and Anirudh Ravichander. In the music video, Rajinikanth makes a surprise cameo and dances with Tamannaah. This year, the song has become one of the biggest hits. The song has been featured in numerous videos published on social media, and it was one of the most popular songs on Instagram.

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