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Manish Sisodia Planted Fabricated Mails To Show Public Approval On Liquor Policy, ED Tells Delhi Court

AAP leader Manish Sisodia was arrested in a money laundering case connected to the alleged excise scam, and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) told a Delhi court on Wednesday that Sisodia planted falsified emails to demonstrate that the policy had received support from the general population.

The agency presented these arguments to Special Judge M K Nagpal in opposition to the former deputy chief minister of Delhi’s bail request.

“We have proof that Sisodia planted emails. These have been received in his personal email account in addition to the Excise Department’s official account. “Sisodia provided the content of the emails, which suited his agenda,” the ED’s attorney told the court.

The Chairman of the Delhi Minorities’ Commission, Zakir Khan, was given instructions to send these pre-written emails; he then directed his interns to do so, the ED testified in court.

“Fake emails were sent to demonstrate that the public had approved the policy. This fake approval is given. In place of payments, an illegal ecology was developed to benefit the liquor cartels, according to the attorney.

The defence attorney responded by saying that the case diary should not be handled in secrecy when the special public prosecutor for the ED informed the judge that the agency intended to show him the journal.

Sealing industry ought to cease. “It should be brought to my attention as well,” the defence attorney stated. “If something is used against me to deny me my liberty, if they are relying on something behind my back.

The ED, however, asserted that the 60 days, which a probe agency is given after an accused person is arrested to finish the inquiry against him, have not yet passed.

The ED said, “We’ll put it to you after 60 days.”

The matter was postponed by the judge until April 18.

On April 5, the ED informed a Delhi court that the investigation into the money laundering case against Sisodia was at a “crucial” stage and that new evidence of his culpability had been discovered.

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