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Manipur Violence: Mob First Killed Father And Brother Before Woman Was Paraded Naked

During an interview the mother of one of the two women paraded naked in Manipur violence said that the her shattered family has no hope to ever returning to their village.

She was so deeply disturbed that she could not speak much but she said that the Manipur government did not pour enough efforts to stop months long violence and ensure safety of people in the state.

The woman further said that on May 4, a day after the ethnic violence erupted between the hill-majority Kuki tribe and valley majority Meiteis the mob first killed her husband and son before her daughter was paraded naked and sexually assaulted.

The video of the heinous incident circulated on social media on Wednesday which shocked the country. So far five accused including the prime accused have been arrested.

“I have lost my youngest son, who was my entire hope. I was expecting that once he completes Class 12 and with much difficulty, I sent him to school to get a proper education. Now his father is also no more. My elder son does not have a job. So, when I think about the future of our family, I feel there is no hope. Apart from saying that I feel hopeless and helpless, there is nothing on my mind,” she said further during the interview.

The months long violence between the two communities – Kuki and Meitei has accounted at least 140 till date.
“There is no possibility of us going back to our village. That thought has not even crossed my mind… No, we cannot go back. I don’t want to go back. Our houses have been burned, our fields destroyed. What will I go back to? My village is burnt down. I don’t know what the future for me and my family is, but I cannot go back,” said the woman.

She blamed the Manipur government for not controlling the violence in state since its beginning.

As per the sources, an FIR was already registered 15 day after the horrific incident but the first arrest was made only yesterday, when it came to light widely through the social media.

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