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Manipur Police Files Criminal Case Against Assam Rifels For ‘Obstruction Of Duty’

Following an altercation between the two parties last week, Manipur Police has filed a FIR against Assam Rifles for allegedly blocking their vehicle and preventing them from performing their responsibilities.

Police claimed that the Assam Rifles halted police cars on the Kwakta Gothol road in the Bishnupur district, leading to the filing of the FIR on August 5.

According to the police’s FIR, the 9th Assam Rifles stopped them as they travelled along Kwakta on Pholjang Road as part of a search operation for Kuki terrorists in connection with an arms act case.

”On reaching the Kutub Wali Masjid located at Kwakla Ward No. 8 along Pholjang road the state police teams including CDO/BPR stopped and blocked their way by the personnel of 9 AR by keeping and parking their Casper Vehicle in the middle of the Kwakla Pholjang road and obstructed in discharging their law bound duty. As such arrogant act of the personnel of 9 AR giving a chance to the accused Kuki militants to escape freely to somewhere a safe zone for them,” the police alleged in their FIR.

On the road between Bishnupur and Kangvai, however, the Assam Rifles have been taken out of Moirang Lamkhal’s checkpoint.

”In partial modification of this office’s order of even no. dated 3rd August 2023, the Naka/ Check Point at Moirang Lamkhal on the Bishnupur to Kangvai Road shall be manned by Civil Police and CRPF in the place of 9 AR with immediate effect and until further orders,” an official order said from Manipur ADG said.

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