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Makers Of Broken But Beautiful Reveals They Were On Discussions With Sidharth Shukla For Season 4

Sidharth Shukla’s unexpected death at the age of 40 astounded his followers and coworkers. Since winning Bigg Boss 13, the actor, who was most recently seen in the online series Broken But Beautiful 3, has been extremely popular and well-liked by the public. The makers of the web series announced weeks after his death that they were in talks with Shukla in August about resuming the project for its fourth season. On September 2, the actor passed away.

Showrunner Sarita Tanwar revealed, “In August, we got a call from ALTBalaji. This was to meet and discuss the story for Broken But Beautiful Season 4.” Sarita revealed that they had planned a “happy ending” for the fictional couple on the show but nature had other plans. “Yes, #AgMi was going to happen with a fairytale happy ending. But it was not meant to be,” she said.

Sarita added, “I cannot imagine Broken but Beautiful 4 without Sidharth Shukla. It is said, ‘It’s hard to turn the page when you know someone won’t be in the next chapter, but the story must go on.’ It’s most true in this industry. However, it’s too soon to even think about it. Broken but Beautiful 3 was his digital debut. Unfortunately, it will forever be remembered as his last release. The song has ended. But the melody lingers on.”

Sidharth exhibited “livewire energy” on set, according to director Priyanka Ghose, but despite all the fun, he was always “very observant.” She added, “He never missed a single thing that happened on set, even if it didn’t involve him. He was someone who could make everyone around him comfortable. However, his focus was unshakeable. Having him on set was full of positivity and he was always my support system.”

Shukla was described by Ghose as one of her “closest pals.” “I am the one who is broken, now that I am left without one of my closest friends, creative collaborator and, a constant guide, while he shall always remain beautiful,” she said.

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