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Lawyer Files Plea Against PM Modi For Breaching Model Code Of Conduct, Demand Disqualification Ahead Elections

A lawyer has petitioned the Delhi High Court to disqualify Prime Minister Narendra Modi from running for office on grounds of allegedly breaking the Model Code of Conduct (MCC).

According to a report by news agency, Anand S. Jondhale’s plea referenced Modi’s poll speech in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, on April 9, alleging that the PM was campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls by requesting votes in the names of “god and place of worship” and “Hindu deities and Hindu place of worships as well as Sikh deities and Sikh place of worship.”

According to the article, the appeal has asked for PM Modi to be barred from running for office for a six-year period.

According to Jondhale, Modi broke Rules General Conduct-I(1) and (3) of the Model Code of Conduct, which is referenced in Compendium of Instructions Volume III.

According to the clause, no party or candidate may engage in any activities that could exacerbate already-existing tensions, foster animosity toward one another, or lead to conflict between various castes or communities, whether they be linguistic or religious.

Concluding his campaign for the Lok Sabha election, Modi made a Tamil-centric appeal at a rally in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He suggested establishing Thiruvalluvar centers worldwide and called the Congress and DMK “sinners” for “ceding” Katchatheevu to Sri Lanka.

The entire nation has finally realized the “truth,” according to Modi, who called the Congress and DMK “anti-national” for “cutting Katchatheevu off” from Tamil Nadu and giving it to another nation.

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