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Lack Of Pre-Release Buzz With Negative Reviews Gives Loss Of Over ₹50 Crore To Kangana Ranaut’s Starrer Tejas

Tejas, Kangana Ranaut’s most recent film, has continued her dismal run at the box office from previous years. Simply put, Sarvesh Mewara’s film has been a box office failure. The picture has suffered severely from the total lack of pre-release anticipation as well as bad reviews and word-of-mouth.

Let’s now examine Tejas’s economic situation. The entire production budget for the movie was Rs. 70 crores, including P&A. Regarding the movie’s success at the box office, it will bring in a meager Rs. 4.25 crores in India before it closes. The amount of the distributor’s share is 1.91 crores (A). It is anticipated that the film will bring in roughly Rs. 70 lakhs from its international theatrical run. The portion owned by the foreign distributor comes to Rs. 32 lakhs (B). The approximate amount of money recovered for the movie’s digital streaming, satellite, and soundtrack rights is Rs. 17 crores (C). The combined recovery (A+B+C) is therefore only approximately Rs. 19.23 crores.

The ultimate total shows Tejas losing a whooping Rs. 50.77 crores. Tejas also features Veena Nair, Varun Mitra, Anuj Khurana, and Anshul Chauhan.

Dhaakad, Kangana’s previous release, lost Rs. 78.72 cr. [Loss of 92.38%], while Tejas lost Rs. 50.77 cr. [Loss of 72.53%]. The difference in wealth between these two films is around Rs. 129.29 cr.

Cost Of Production – 55 Cr.
Cost Of Prints and Publicity (P&A) – 15 Cr.
India Theatrical Box Office – 4.25 Cr.
Distributor’s share (A) – 1.91 Cr.
Overseas Theatrical Box Office – 0.70 Cr.
Distributor’s share (B) – 0.32 Cr.
Satellite, Digital Streaming Rights & Music Rights (C) – 17 Cr.
PROFIT – 50.77 Cr.

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