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Friday, December 2, 2022
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Karnataka likely to impose lockdown in the state amid new variant

Following recent COVID-19 clusters in Mysuru, Dharwad, and Bengaluru, the BS Bommai-led Karnataka government is expected to implement lockdown-like curbs/restrictions across the state for a duration of two months. The SDM college in Dharwad has become a Covid hub for the uninitiated, with 281 people testing positive so far.

At an advisory released on Sunday, the BS Bommai-led Karnataka government stated that “all social and cultural activities, conferences, seminars, academic events, and other events in educational institutions may be postponed for two months.” The development coincides with the appearance of Omicron, a new strain of Covid that has wreaked devastation around the globe.

What Is the Advisory’s Recommendation?
The following alert is being provided in light of recent COVID-19 clusters discovered at educational institutions in the districts of Mysuru, Dharwad, and Bengaluru:

COVID-19 symptoms should be checked daily on all students in medical, paramedical, and other similar educational institutions. Those who are symptomatic should be evaluated and treated according to the established recommendations.

All social and cultural events in educational institutions may be postponed for a period of two months.

Conferences, seminars, academic events, and other events in educational institutions may be postponed if possible. It could also be carried out in a hybrid fashion.

Dr. K Sudhakar, Karnataka’s Health Minister, had earlier on Saturday encouraged residents to get the second dosage of vaccine. “I urge the 45 lakh persons who have not yet received the second dose to do so as soon as possible. We’ve opened six genomic laboratories in the previous six months and are now in a position to sequence, send samples, and track the mutation’s evolution “, he was cited as saying by a portal.

Medical College Party Turns Super-Spreader
On November 17, a freshers’ party was held at SDM college in Dharwad, and several students participated. Two hundred and eighty-one people, all of whom had been completely vaccinated, tested positive for the virus. A holiday has been proclaimed in educational institutions within a 500-meter radius of Dharwad’s SDM College of Medical Sciences until Sunday as a precaution.

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