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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Alleges BJP Of Trying To Run ‘Operation Lotus’ In State Ahead Lok Sabha Polls

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah claimed that the BJP was attempting to implement “Operation Lotus” in the southern state. In a special interview, the Chief Minister stated that the BJP “offered Rs 50 crore” to the ruling Congress MLAs in order for them to defect, according to Rajdeep Sardesai, Consulting Editor of India Today TV.

When asked about the BJP, Siddaramaiah responded by claiming that if the traditional party loses the Karnataka Lok Sabha elections, the Congress administration led by him would fall.

“They have been trying to break my government for the past year. Rs 50 crore was offered to our MLAs. They tried and failed,” Siddaramaiah told news agency.

Siddaramaiah angrily rejected the question of whether it would be simpler for the Congress-led government to fall after the polls if they lost the same.

“Not possible. Our MLAs will not leave. Not a single MLA will leave our party,” the Chief Minister told Rajdeep Sardesai.

Additionally, Siddaramaiah declared that the Congress government led by him would serve out its entire five-year tenure.

In a phone interview with a news agency, BJP MP S Prakash denied all of the Karnataka Chief Minister’s claims, referring to them as “unfortunate”.

“It is very unfortunate that he is repeatedly making such allegations only to win the sympathy of a section of society, who are supporting him,” S Prakash stated.

He went on to say that the Chief Minister is making “fake” accusations rather than concentrating on important issues and the accomplishments of Siddaramaiah’s Congress-led government in Karnataka.

“Instead of focusing on winning 28 seats in Karnataka in the Lok Sabha elections, Siddaramaiah is only focusing on retaining his own feet after the elections,” the member of the BJP claimed.

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