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Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas Sets Record In Negative Sense As Film Becomes 5th Conservative Flop

With her unabashed attitude, Kangana Ranaut has undoubtedly left her imprint on the Indian cinema industry throughout the years. But Tejas, the movie she just released on Friday of last week, left the actress and her fans with a bad taste. The movie’s box office performance has been less than stellar, even with its original concept and extensive promotion. We examine Tejas’s business in this special study and contrast it with Kangana’s prior release. Strangely enough, the movie has set a record for the actor—albeit a bad one.

In fact, with the staggering and stunning underperformance of the film, Tejas which has managed to draw in a measly Rs. 3.76 cr. over the first 5 days has emerged as Kangana Ranaut’s 2nd consecutive disaster after Dhaakad. Tejas is also her fifth consecutive flop [Tejas, Dhaakad, Thalaivii, Panga, and Judgementall Hai Kya]. Looking at Kangana’s box office record, her last nine releases of ten have been flops. The list includes Tejas, Dhaakad, Thalaivii, Panga, Judgementall Hai Kya, Simran, Rangoon, Katti Batti, and I Love NY.

If that wasn’t enough, Kangana has averaged an opening day collection of Rs. 3.33 cr. over the course of her last ten movies, compared to an average of just Rs. 69 lakhs for her previous three releases. In addition, the mean lifetime collections of her movies are Rs. 2.68 cr. from her past three releases and Rs. 22.61 cr. from her ten releases combined.

If that wasn’t enough, throughout the course of her last ten films, Kangana has averaged an opening day collection of Rs. 3.33 cr., as opposed to an average of just Rs. 69 lakhs for her preceding three releases. Furthermore, the average lifetime earnings from her films are Rs. 22.61 cr. from her ten releases collectively, and Rs. 2.68 cr. from her last three releases.

All things considered, Kangana Ranaut’s recent track record of back-to-back failures is definitely enough for alarm. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that her talent and willpower will enable her to recover. The film industry is erratic, and even the most well-known performers have difficult times in their professional lives. By making strategic choices, diversifying her roles, and focusing more on her craft, Kangana Ranaut may well find her way back to the top and rewrite her career narrative. In the end, it’s the resilience and determination of an artist that often defines their journey in the world of cinema.

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