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Kangana Ranaut Makes Another Attack On Diljit Dosanjh’s Arrest, Singer Reacts

Diljit Dosanjh has shared a post about his native state of Punjab amid all the in Punjab and Kangana Ranaut’s jabs at him. After Kangana suggested that he would soon be arrested for “supporting” Khalistanis, he posted a message to Instagram.

Diljit posted a Punjabi message in an Instagram Story that roughly translates to “may my Punjab keep thriving.” He also included a picture of folded hands in his message.

This follows Kangana’s previous post, in which she threatened Diljit that the police would soon be after him. “Remember next number, pols aa chuki hai, yeh woh waqt nahi hai jab koi bhi kuch bhi karta tha, desh ke saath gaddari ya tukde karne ki koshish ab mehengi padegi (Remember next number in you. The police is here. One can no longer act however they please. You will pay a steep price for betraying the nation or attempting to ruin it, she warned.

Amritpal Singh is evading authorities for the fifth day in a row as all of this is taking place. On Tuesday, the Punjab Police reported that they had detained 154 individuals for upsetting the “peace and harmony” in the state. While restrictions were removed from the rest of the state as of Tuesday noon, the Punjab government on Tuesday prolonged the suspension of mobile internet and SMS services in Tarn Taran, Ferozepur, Moga, Sangrur, Ajnala sub-division in Amritsar, and a few areas in Mohali until Thursday noon.

In contrast, a dispute arose between Kangana and Diljit in 2020 over farmer demonstrations. He started by making reference to a text she had written in which she had incorrectly referred to Bilkis, the spokesperson for the Shaheen Bagh protest, as an elderly protestor at a current farmers’ demonstration. He also responded to Kangana’s criticism of him, in which she demanded that he declare that he is “not a Khalistani” but he did not. Diljit described everything as a “drama.”

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