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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Kangana Ranaut Expresses Her Admiration Towards SRK And Film Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan has staked his claim to 2023 thanks to his amazing performances in the newly released Jawan and Pathaan. Kangana Ranaut lauded the actor and referred to him as a “cinema God” as SRK’s supporters celebrated the success of his most recent action movie. On Instagram on Thursday night, Kangana shared a photo of Jawan with a lengthy statement.

In Kangana Ranaut’s opinion, Shah Rukh Khan has changed himself from the ultimate lover boy of the 1990s to a massy superstar in his late 50s. She praised his commitment and effort.

Kangana wrote, “From being the ultimate lover boy of the nineties to a decade-long struggle again to reinvent his connection with his audience in his late forties to mid-fifties and ultimately rising as the quintessential Indian mass superhero at the age of 60 (almost) Is nothing short of super heroic even in real life. I remember the time when people wrote him off and mocked his choices but his struggle is a master class for all those artists who enjoying long careers but must reinvent and reestablish. SRK is the cinema God that India needs not just for hugs or dimples but for some serious world saving as well.”

Kangna further added, “Bowing down to your perseverance, hard work and humility King Khan.”

The Atlee-directed action movie broke the all-time record for advance reservations for a Bollywood production, and it now intends to replicate that feat with its opening day receipts. If the attendance at the morning shows is any indication, Shah Rukh Khan aims to surpass the mark he achieved with Pathaan less than eight months ago.

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