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Kangana Describes Deepika Padukone Starrer Gehraiyaan As ‘Awful’

Kangana Ranaut, the controversial queen, is back with another hard-hitting post for another Bollywood celebrity. Deepika Padukone has reviewed her latest film Gehriyaan, only days after slamming a journalist for asking a Deepika Padukone-related question. Critics and netizens have given the film, which also stars Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa, mediocre reviews.

The Panga actress is the most recent critic of the film, and she has taken another Panga by slamming the filmmakers left, right, and centre. She took to Instagram after seeing the film to express her thoughts on it. The actress described the film as “awful,” adding that “no amount of flesh display or p*rnography can redeem a lousy movie.”

She posted a video of Manoj Kumar and Mala Sinha performing Chand Si Mehbooba Ho Meri from Himalay Ki God Mein (1965) on her Instagram storey. “I am also a millennial, yet I recognise and understand this kind of romanticism,” she commented over the video. Please don’t sell crap in the guise of millennial/new age/urban cinema… Movies that are awful are bad movies. No amount of skin-showing or p*rnography will be able to rescue it… It’s a basic reality that koi gehraiyaan wali baat nahi hai (it’s shallow).”

The actress recently lost her cool during the premiere of her reality web show Lock Upp when a journalist asked her about an influencer criticising Deepika Padukone for flaunting her ‘hemlines and necklines’ during Gehraiyaan promotions. “Look, I’m here to defend those who can’t defend themselves,” the Queen actress slammed the reporter. Alright? She is capable of defending herself. I can’t promote her film since she has the privilege and the platform. “Please have a seat.”

On the work front, Kangana Ranaut has a diverse slate of projects in the works. The actress’s upcoming project is Dhaakad, Tejas and Tiku weds Sheru, which just ended production.

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