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Jawan’s Early Predictions Doing Rounds, Critics Call It Challenge To Pathaan

All Shah Rukh Khan fans are excitedly anticipating seeing their favourite actor on the big screen as the Jawan countdown has begun, especially in light of Pathaan’s box office triumph. Box office projections have begun to circulate with 10 days left, however this time, the movie must surpass SRK’s own previous record to become yet another historical hit.

For those who don’t know, Pathaan marked Shah Rukh Khan’s return to a lead role on the big screen after a 4-year absence. It generated an insane amount of talk locally, which greatly influenced its box office performance. This time around, there is a lot of pre-release excitement, so it’s hard to say what kind of crazy numbers SRK’s upcoming film will bring in.

Shah Rukh Khan has established a threshold for himself that cannot be surpassed, therefore Jawan will be seeking to top seven of Pathaan’s main box office records. Let’s examine each of them individually.

Pathaan became the first Bollywood movie to earn a hundred on its opening day and had a record-breaking first day at the global box office with a revenue of 106 crores. Jawan undoubtedly has a great chance to surpass 106 crores and earn an unbelievable sum.

With 57 crores, Pathaan has the largest opening weekend for a Bollywood film in India. The movie also has the largest opening for a Hindi film, excluding all other dubbed versions. The release day of SRK’s most recent movie will be remembered for all time with the holiday benefit of Janmashtami (7th September).

With 166.75 crores made in the first three days, Pathaan broke all previous records. It will take a lot of work for Jawan to be overthrown, and word of mouth will be crucial.

This record is proudly held by Pathaan, which raked in a staggering 70.50 crores over the Republic Day weekend. Will Jawan be able to cross it on the day it opens, given the approaching Janmashtami holiday? We’ll see.

Pathaan received positive reviews from audiences abroad and amassed a gross of 402.58 crores (phase 2 release excluded) to establish itself as an all-time blockbuster. Although Jawan has a chance to beat it, everything hinges on word-of-mouth.

In India, Pathaan holds the record of being the highest Bollywood grosser with 543.22 crores. For Jawan to cross this number it entirely depends on word-of-mouth.

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