Friday, May 27, 2022
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Friday, May 27, 2022
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India’s Tally Spikes By 27.1%. 2.47 Lakh Fresh Cases In 24 Hours

According to the Union Health Ministry, India reported 2,47,417 fresh cases of Covid-19 in last 24 hours, 27.1% record up than yesterday.

The country’s covid tally after today’s surge has reached to 3,63,17,927, of which 5,488 are of omicron.

Currently the recovery rate stands at 95.59% and total 84,825 patients have recovered in last 24 hours. The total recoveries so far in India are now at 3,47,15,361.

The active case load across the country now stands at 11,17,531. Daily positivity rate has also increased to 13.11%, while the weekly positivity rate is at 10.80% as of now.

The states which have hugely contributed to this large figure include Maharashtra with highest figure of 46,723, followed by Delhi with 27,561 cases, West Bengal reported 22,155 with 21,390 cases in Karnataka and 17,931 from Tamil Nadu.

Only these five states were behind 54.87% of cases on Sunday and  Maharashtra alone contributed 18,88% of fresh cases.

The reported deaths in last 24 hours were 481 and the total  death tally now stands at 4,84,869 across the country.

Data from Health Ministry showed that India on Wednesday conducted total 18,86,935 Covid test.
On vaccination front, India in last 24 hours has administered total 76,32,024 vaccine doses, bringing the total administered dose to 1,54,61,39,465.

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