Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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India’s Daily Covid Cases Reach 2.68 Lakh Mark In Last 24, Over 6,000 Omicron

India’s continuous surging daily Covid-19 cases have reached 2,68,833 mark on Saturday, which is 1.8% higher than yesterday, Union Health Ministry’s data showed.

The total cases registered across the country now have reached to 3,68,50,962, out of which 6,041 are of omicron variant.

The recoveries in last 24 hours have been reported at 1,22,684 taking the total recoveries so far to 3,49,47,390 in the country. The current recovery rate is at 94.83%.

The total active cases countrywide at present stand at 14,17,820 and the positivity rate at 16.66%. The weekly positivity rate stood at 12.84%.

The highest cases were still contributed by Maharashtra which stood at 43,211 along with Delhi with 24,383, Karanataka with 28,723, Tamil Nadu 2(&- 23,459 and West Bengal with 22,645 cases.
These five states alone contributed 52.97% of total cases, of which Maharashtra’s alone were responsible for 16.07% of total fresh cases on Saturday.

The deaths in last 24 hours were reported 402, which took the total death tally to 4,85,752. The state which reported the highest number of deaths was Kerala.

According to the Health Ministry, the total number of Covid tests conducted on Friday in the Country were reported 16,13,740.

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