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‘India Will Not Accept Differential Security Standards,’ Says S Jaishankar Over Insult Of Indian Flag In UK

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said on Friday that India will not tolerate different standards of security in response to pro-Khalistan supporters tearing down the Indian tricolour at the Indian High Commission in the United Kingdom.

A nation hosting a high commission or consulate is expected to provide protection for the diplomats stationed there, and he further accused the UK of failing to do so.

“On the flag and the security of the high commission, in this specific instance in the UK – whenever any country sends an embassy abroad, the receiving country is obligated to provide security for a diplomat to do his job.

The obligation to ensure that the embassy, high commission, or consulate and their properties are respected falls on the receiving nation. At a gathering hosted by Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya, Mr. Jaishankar stated that these duties had not been fulfilled.

In response to a question regarding the danger to diplomats and the Indian diaspora in the UK, the Minister stated that the high commission’s security did not live up to expectations on the day the vandals appeared before the high commission.

“Many nations treat it casually,” (security). They have very diverse opinions regarding their own security and the security of other people, but I can assure you as a foreign minister that we will not tolerate such unequal standards.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s comments on human rights in India made in the UK, Mr. Jaishankar said that while most people with Indian passports had strong ties to their nation, a small minority would fabricate persecution in their home countries in order to obtain a visa or legal residency.

Now, there are a few people who occasionally abuse it by claiming, “I’m being politically persecuted; please let me remain. Therefore, they are playing a visa game under the guise of politics, human rights, or whatever, the Minister explained.

He issued a warning that the circumstance might be abused by the nation’s enemies.

Everyone agreed that civil liberties and freedom of expression were important, he said, but they shouldn’t be used to promote radical ideologies, acts of violence, or terrorism.

Additionally, he noted that there was a distinction between possessing rights and abusing them.

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