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India Launches Efforts To Resolve On Death Sentence To 8 Former Navy Personnel In Qatar

India has discreetly begun working to find a solution to the case of the eight ex-Indian Navy members who were granted the death penalty by a Qatari court; nevertheless, both nations’ authorities stayed silent on the subject on Friday.

The case received no media coverage in Qatar, and the country’s officials remained completely silent. According to people acquainted with the situation, the Indian side has not yet officially gotten a copy of the Court of First Instance ruling from Qatar.

The Indian government refrained from commenting more following a statement released on Thursday in which it expressed profound shock at the ruling of the Qatari court and committed to considering all available legal alternatives.

The individuals stated that discreet attempts had been made to resolve the issue via official and diplomatic channels.

One of the options being considered is appealing the decision or utilising the 2015 agreement between Qatar and India for the transfer of convicted criminals to serve out the remainder of their sentences in their native countries.

The transfer of condemned individuals was one of six agreements that the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, signed during a state visit to India that same year and was validated by the Qatari side.

The International Court of Justice may also be consulted, as was the case with former naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was apprehended by Pakistani authorities in 2016 and later found guilty of espionage and given a death sentence by a military court.

Additionally, there was no update from the eight men’s previous employer, Dahra Engineering & Security Services, located in Oman, which was the owner of the now-defunct Dahra Global Technologies & Consultancy Services. In May of this year, Dahra Global was shut down, and Advanced Services and Maintenance took its place.

All eight of the individuals were employed by the private company Dahra Global Technologies & Consultancy Services, which supplied the security services and armed forces of Qatar with training among other services, at the time of their incarceration. They were believed to have been overseeing the induction of Italian-made midget stealth submarines into the Qatari Navy.

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