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India Extends Help To Earthquake Hit Turkey, 100 NDRF Commandos To Be Sent

In the wake of the tragic earthquake that devastated Turkey’s southern regions in the early hours of February 6, Prime Minister Modi of India has pledged that his country will do everything in its power to assist Turkey.

Two 50-person NDRF teams, each with trained dog squads for rescue operations, relief supplies, and necessary equipment, have been dispatched to Turkey, according to a news release from the PM’s office. Medical teams with skilled doctors, paramedics, and necessary medications will also be dispatched.

According to the Turkish government, supplies for relief efforts, including medicines, would be delivered to the region affected by the disaster.

A 7.8 on the Richter Scale earthquake struck the Nurdagi region of Southern Turkey earlier today. Northern Syria has also been severely affected in some areas. Because of how powerful the earthquake was, Iraq, Israel, and Lebanon were also affected.

Social media videos reveal severe damage to both buildings and people. Several thousand individuals are anticipated to have perished in the disaster, despite the fact that the official death toll so far is in the hundreds.

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