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India Becomes 1st Country To Touch Moon’s South Pole As Pragyan Rover Began Its Journey

India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-3 created history on Wednesday evening when Vikram landing carrying Pragyan rover made a soft landing on the moon surface.
Pragyan rover which was being carried out the Vikram lander till yesterday has now finally began its journey on moon’s surface.

India became the first country in the world to touch the South Pole on the moon surface.

The Pragyan rover will carry out in-situ scientific experiments on the moon and these experiments will help uncover the mysteries and will also provide valuable insights on the composition of the moon’s geology.

The Vikram lander and the Pragyan will be on mission for next 14 days as there will be sunlight for these many days at the South Pole. The lander and the rover will be out of power after completing 14 days.

India joined the list of four elite countries yesterday who have successfully landed their spacecraft on Earth’s only satellite.

Soon after the rover made its soft landing, the Indian Space Research Organization shared an image captured by the landing imager camera after if touched down the moon’s surface.

The image showed a part of Chandrayaan-3’s landing region on the moon.

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