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‘Humans Can’t Pose As Gods,’ CBFC Demystify Regarding Depiction Of Gods In Films

The Central Board of Film Certification’s new guidelines on the representation of gods in human form are categorically against mystifying deities in our films. Simply said, it is unacceptable to depict humans in the role of deities. With OMG 2, Akshay Kumar discovered this the hard way.

Following his portrayal of Lord Krishna in the first OMG movie in 2012, Akki collaborated with the same producers to arrange his second foray into the divine. The actor is also a producer in his or her own right. He made the decision to play Lord Shiva himself this time.

A source close to OMG 2 reveals, “Akshay Kumar knowingly went into forbidden territory. He thought his clean image would prove him up to the challenge. Much had changed since he first played God in 2012. The political scenario in the country is unsparing. Clean-image Prabhas stands rejected as Lord Rama. The censor board has rightly admonished Akshay Kumar. How can Shiva Bhagwan be shown tackling a social issue like masturbation on earth?”

In OMG 2, Akshay Kumar is no longer a god, and none of the other A-list actors will be permitted to play a deity.

In fact, Pawan Kalyan’s role as God in the recently released Telugu movie BRO marks the last time a superstar played the role for a very long time. Pawan was able to escape with the help of his devoted followers. They even want to erect a temple in his honour.

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