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Hrithik Roshan Again Expresses His Support To Aryan Khan, Says It’s Really Sad If These Are Facts

Subsequent to writing an open letter for Aryan Khan supporting him, Hrithik Roshan has once again spoken in his favour.

Sharing a video on his Instagram handle in which a lawyer gave his perspective on the continuous Aryan Khan’s drug case, Hrithik composed, “If these are facts. It is really sad”.In the video, Supreme Court advocate Dushyant Dave pointed out the way that Justice Nitim Sambre, who is hearing the situation, has earlier permitted bail to men who have been found possessing drugs.

In his open letter earlier, the actor had wrote, “My dear Aryan. Life is a strange ride. It’s great because it’s uncertain. It’s great cause it throws you curve balls, but god is kind. He gives only the toughest ones the toughest balls to play. You know you are chosen when amidst the chaos you can feel the pressure to hold your own. And I know you must feel it now. The anger, the confusion, the helplessness. Aaah, the very ingredients that are needed to burn the hero out from inside you. But be wary, those same ingredients could burn away the good stuff… the kindness, the compassion, the love.”

Explaining further, he said, “Allow yourself to burn, but just enough.. Mistakes, failings, victories, success… they’r all the same if you know which parts to keep with you and which parts to throw away from the experience. But know that you can grow better with them all. I’v known you as a kid and i’v known you as a man. Own it. Own everything you experience. They’r your gifts. Trust me. In time when you connect the dots… I promise you , It’s gonna make sense. Only if you have stared the devil in his eyes and kept your calm. Keep calm. Observe. These moments are the makers of your Tom. And Tom is going to have a brilliant sun shining. But for it, you must go thru the dark. Calm , still , owning your own. And trusting the light. Within. It’s always there,” and at last he ended his note with he added, “Love you man.”

The bail hearing of Aryan Khan in the Supreme Court will proceed today.

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