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Home Ministry Directs Delhi Police To File Murder Case Against Accused Of Kanjhawala Death Case

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has instructed the Delhi Police to bring murder charges against the five individuals who were involved in the Kanjhawala accident case, in which a 20-year-old lady riding a two-wheeler was struck by a car and dragged to death, sources informed India Today. The action was taken in response to the inquiry committee’s report, which was led by Special Commissioner Shalini Singh.

Sources claim that based on the facts of the case and the evidence at hand, the police should look into the problem by charging the defendants in the Kanjhawala case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The Union home ministry had requested an investigation following widespread public outcry.

The Delhi Police has been ordered by the MHA to initiate disciplinary action against the officers who were on duty on that tragic night. As a result of Delhi Police’s failure to respond to calls informing them of the hit-and-run incident, the ministry further requested on Thursday that all staff members assigned to the three PCR vans and the two pickets stationed on duty that night be suspended with immediate effect.

A news source said that according to officials, the MHA also instructed the city police to issue show-cause notes to the supervising officers of the PCR vans and police pickets for their apparent negligence.

Anjali, a 20-year-old woman, was killed in the early hours of January 1 in the nation’s capital after being hit by a car while riding a scooter and being dragged by it for 10 to 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala.

The five suspects in the case claimed the police they had hit the scooter in a frenzy and knew a woman was trapped in the undercarriage. But they kept driving as they knew that a case of murder would be made against them if they had stopped, authorities added.

The home ministry also requested that the Delhi Police contact the local DCP for clarity regarding the law and order situation on the accident day and sought for appropriate action against complacent authorities.

The MHA stated that steps must also be taken to strengthen the law and order situation in the capital in order for people, particularly women and children, to live in a fear-free environment.

Anjali, who works at an event management firm, and her companion Nidhi were riding their scooter on January 1 when a Baleno automobile struck their vehicle. According to the forensics investigation, Anjali’s leg was caught in the left front wheel of the vehicle and she was dragged for 12 kilometres.

Early on January 1st, the tragedy happened in Kanjhawala, a neighbourhood of outer Delhi. Along with a number of their collaborators, five of the men who were riding in the automobile were detained. They are accused of criminal conspiracy, causing death by negligence, and culpable homicide that does not amount to murder.

Anjali’s body was discovered in the Kanjhawala neighbourhood of Delhi with her garments torn off and her flesh scraped away. According to the postmortem report, Anjali had exposed ribs, a broken skull, and missing brain tissue.

Deepak Khanna, Manoj Mittal, Amit Khanna, Krishan, Mithun, Ashutosh, and Ankush have been named as the defendants. When the automobile struck Anjali, Amit was behind the wheel. Anjali’s mother and younger siblings are still alive. Her father passed away a while back.

The victim’s friend Nidhi, who was riding with her on the scooter but fled the scene, has been accused by the victim’s family of being a part of the plot even though the postmortem report has ruled out sexual assault. Nidhi reported to the police that while she was yelling in agony, the driver of the automobile did not stop and ran her over.

The woman had 40 exterior wounds, and the post-mortem examination showed that her ribs were visible from the back. Her “brain matter was absent” and the base of her skull was shattered. Her head, spine, and lower limbs were all hurt.

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