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Heavy Criticism After DD New Sports’ Launches New Saffron Logo Ahead Polls

Doordarshan News unveiled its redesigned avatar along with the release of its new saffron-colored logo. The color of the logo is now saffron instead of ruby red.

“Get ready for a news journey like never before…experience the all-new DD News! We have the courage to put: Accuracy over speed Facts over claims Truth over sensationalism, Because if it is on DD News, it is the truth!,” the state-run news channel posted on X.

The top band of the national tricolor is decorated with saffron, a color that is also heavily featured in the party flag of the BJP, which is currently in power.

The move has drawn criticism on social media. An X user said: “Just hours before election when Moral Code of Conduct is on how can a National channel and the government change the logo colour to colour of its party? Isn’t this violation @ECISVEEP @SpokespersonECI pls step in. #LokSabhaElection2024 #violation #India…” Another user said: “Ministry of Broadcast and Information, but only information of the RSS”.

Prior to the celebration of Independence Day last year, Prasar Bharati, a public service broadcaster, made the decision to redesign its television networks. The original Doordarshan National logo was also brought back, albeit with more vibrant colors.

PrasarBharati has expanded its staff in the area of digital media lately. A budget of ₹2,539.61 crore has been allotted to the national broadcaster for the improvement and growth of the broadcast infrastructure through 2025 and 2026. Its proposal to introduce an OTT platform is also being worked on.

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