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Gaza Braces For Wide Destruction As Israeli Forces Expand Ground Raids Shutting Down Internet

As Israeli forces expand their ground raids in blockaded strip ruled by Hamas, a Palestinian organization responsible for carrying out October 7 attacks on Israel, Gaza braces for wide destruction with the forces.

“Following the series of strikes of the last days, the ground forces are extending the ground operation tonight,” said the Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari as announcement.

The forces said, Hamas is all set to confront the attacks with their “full force” adding, “The Al-Qassam brigades and all the Palestinian resistance forces are completely ready to confront (Israel’s) aggression with full force and frustrate its incursions”.

Israeli forces are conducting one of its deadliest attacks on Gaza, cutting off internet services and phone in the strip. Israel has even accused Hamas of operating from Hospital, but the out has completely denied the charge.

According to the recorded data, more than 1,400 have died in Israel and most of them were civilians. While, in Gaza around 7,326 have been killed in the Israel’s retaliation, said the Hamas Health Ministry. In the figures released by Hamas Health Military mostly the dead were civilians.

Meanwhile, the UN General Assembly has immediately called for “humanitarian truce” in Gaza. The move was welcomed by Hamas.

Total 120 votes were voted in favour of the UN General Assembly’s call, while 14 were against and 45 abstentions. India was also among the abstentions.

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