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Fire Breaks Out On New Delhi-Darbhanga Superfast Express Near Etawah. 3 Coaches Affected

Three of the coaches of the New Delhi-Darbhanga Superfast Express were damaged by fire on Wednesday when it broke out close to Etawah, Uttar Pradesh. According to officials, a few persons suffered minor injuries in the fire event.

According to the Senior Superintendent of Police in Etawah, the initial investigation indicated that a short circuit was the source of the fire.

“The passengers claim that a spark in the electric board caused the fire to ignite. Two further coaches were affected by the fire that began in the first coach. The fire destroyed a lot of passenger bags, he said.

Officials said that the station master had observed smoke in the sleeper coach while the train was passing through the Sarai Bhupat station.

After alerting the train driver and guard about the smoke, the station master stopped the train.

The train caught fire, and some people leaped out of it. There were reportedly more people aboard the train than it could hold.

In Uttar Pradesh, the fire event happened close to the Sarai Bhupat Railway station. At this point, the fire has been contained. Furthermore, the train’s three burned-out coaches have been separated.

One of the travellers discussed what transpired on the train with news agency.

“Someone plugged in their charger and that led to a short circuit. A slight spark emerged, leading to chaos. Soon, fire started emanating from it, and panic ensued. People rushed in all directions. The train was at full speed, and then the chain was pulled, eventually stopping the train,” he said.

He added, “Two of my own bags were engulfed in flames and many individuals suffered leg amputations. The police swiftly intervened, and the administration arrived approximately half an hour later.”

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