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FIFA World Cup Final: Thousands Of Fans Come Out On Streets In France Protesting Against Defeat By 4-2 Penalty

Massive riots erupted in several cities of France following Argentina’s 4-2 penalty win over France in FIFA World Cup 2022 on Sunday.

Thousands of fans came out on streets in Paris, Lyon and Nice following defeat from Argentina in Qatar.

Videos doing rounds on social media showed huge disturbance and chaos despite police personnel’s attempts trying to maintain law and order. The rioters even attacked the personnel with stones and fireworks.

As per a Twitter user, a woman was attacked in Lyon as she tried to drive past the rioters.

The police had to finally resorted to tear gas on the streets in Paris amid the huge chaos.

In the videos circulating over the social media platforms, the rioters were seen fleeing tear gas shells fired by the police in Paris and Lyon. In videos, the police was also heard shouting ‘turn around’ at the rioters as water cannons were being used ro break up the huge crowds.

Before the World Cup Final, about 14,000 police force was deployed as a means of security.

Argentina took on France with 4-2 penalty shootout on Sunday in Qatar. It was the third World Cup Trophy for Argentina since 1986. In 1978, they had won their maiden title.

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