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Districts Showing Weekly Covid Positivity Rate Above 10% Fall

According to detailed data being maintained by the Health Ministry, just over 100 districts are now reporting a weekly positivity rate of more than 10%, indicating a further drop in the spread of coronavirus infection across the country.

The Ministry announced on Thursday that 141 areas had a weekly positive rate of more than 10%. 388 districts in the country were above this positive level two weeks ago.

The gradual fall in the number of districts with a high positive rate has paralleled the recent drop in the number of cases reported across the country.

The decrease in positivity indicates that the infection is retreating. The ministry recorded 44,877 new cases across the country, marking the first time daily detections have fallen below 50,000 since January 4, when 58,097 cases were registered.

On Sunday, though, the daily positivity rate was 3.17 percent, not much lower than the 3.48 percent reported the day before. On Sunday, the national weekly positivity rate was 4.46 percent, compared to 10.20 percent the previous week.

The active caseload in India currently stands at 5,37,045 cases, down 56% from the previous week’s total (12.25 lakh active cases). In the coming days, the active caseload is expected to drop below 5 lakh.

Due to severe cases of Covid-19, the active caseload has decreased, implying a lesser pressure on the health-care system.

Between February 5 and February 11, 105 districts reported more than 10% positivity, according to government data. 480 districts showed less than 5% optimism throughout the same time period.

Five states currently have more than 10 districts with a positivity rate more than 10 per cent: Rajasthan (17), Kerala (14), and Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, and Mizoram (11 each).

Positive rates of more than 5% are thought to be cause for concern. In districts with positive rates above 5%, the health ministry has frequently requested local containment and surveillance.

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