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Director Imtiaz Ali Opens Up About the Potential Jab We Met Sequel

In an interview, Imtiaz Ali—who is currently enjoying great success thanks to Amar Singh Chamkila—talked candidly about the prospect of getting back together with Kareena Kapoor. “Whenever you work with an actor, there’s also a responsibility to not do anything just for the sake of it,” Imtiaz, who collaborated with Kareena Kapoor on Jab We Met, said in response to her years of not working with the actor. The plan is to get back together only if there’s a project that’s either better or entirely different from what you’ve done previously.”

Imtiaz Ali added, “Kareena and I are so fond of working with each other but we’ve never had the chance to work again till date because there was nothing different and unique enough or better than what we’ve done before.” Speculation about an impending Jab We Met 2 were doing the rounds on social media. Negating such possibilities, Imtiaz Ali said, “It has to be something interesting, otherwise, it’s useless. We don’t want to dull the memory of Jab We Met. If you’ve had a great experience working with an actor, the next experience should also be good, otherwise there’s no point. I look at it that way.” FYI, Imtiaz Ali directed Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met which stood the test of time.

At a recent event in Delhi, Kareena Kapoor—who was just named National Ambassador by UNICEF India—spoke about how she strives to instill in her sons the values of equality regardless of gender and offered some parenting advice. Kareena Kapoor also talked about how her husband Saif Ali Khan makes sure he behaves appropriately around their children. Kareena said at the event, “I feel that boys who see not just their father, but also their mothers work, have some sort of respect for the fact that I can also be busy. Today they had a holiday and wanted me to be home but I told them I have to go to work. Taimur was like, ‘You are always going to Delhi and Dubai for work, I want to be with you.’ I told him that work is important too and I promise to come back and give him more time so that he doesn’t feel neglected in any way.”

When did Kareena last appear in Crew? Under the direction of Rajesh A. Krishnan, Crew is centred on the travels of three employed women against the backdrop of the aviation sector. Kareena Kapoor’s upcoming film is The Buckingham Murders, directed by Hansal Mehta. Additionally, she will star in Rohit Shetty’s Singham Again.

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