Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Delhi’s Air Remains ‘Hazardous’ Two Days After Diwali

The air quality in some districts of Delhi remains “hazardous” two days after Diwali, with the air quality index (AQI) recording above 600 at Anand Vihar and Faridabad.

According to data issued by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) on Saturday morning, the overall AQI for the national capital was 456.

PM10 levels in Connaught Place and Jantar Mantar were 654 and 382 on Saturday, respectively. In the meantime, PM2.5 readings in Connaught Place were 628, 341 near Jantar Mantar, and 374 near ITO.

The situation in the city is predicted to improve by the afternoon, as the wind speed is forecast to increase. However, the wind is blowing from the northwest, bringing pollutants from stubble burning to Delhi. Because the number of stubble burning points in Punjab and Haryana is still high, air quality is unlikely to improve significantly before Monday.

On Friday, a day after Diwali, the air quality in various parts of the city had deteriorated to the “dangerous” category. On Friday morning, a heavy cloud of haze blanketed the national capital, causing several people to complain of itchy throats and watery eyes.

According to news agency, the air quality at Janpath was classified as “bad” early on Friday, with a particle matter (PM) 2.5 concentration of 655.07.

An AQI of zero to 50 is regarded ‘good,’ 51 to 100 is considered’satisfactory,’ 101 to 200 is considered’moderate,’ 201 to 300 is considered ‘poor,’ 301 to 400 is considered’very poor,’ and 401 to 500 is considered’severe.’

According to experts, the air quality deteriorated due to unfavourable meteorological circumstances, such as calm breezes, low temperatures, and low mixing height, as well as a toxic cocktail of emissions from firecrackers and stubble burning.

SAFAR, an air quality forecasting organisation, predicted that PM2.5 concentrations will skyrocket on Friday, with the AQI reaching the 500 threshold. Only from the evening of November 7 will relief be expected, but the air quality index will fluctuate within the “very poor” range, according to the air quality forecast service.

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