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Delhi Car Accident: Five Men ‘Knew She Was Stuck Under’, Says Victim’s Friend

The victim’s friend of Delhi horror incident on Tuesday told media that the men who dragged the 20-year-old under their car on New Year’s morning “knew she was stuck under”.

A friend named Nidhi who accompanied Anjali in New Year Party. She was riding pillion on the same scooty with the victim, said the police.

The police further said that the two friends had a fight and when the scooty was allegedly hit by the car, Nidhi had fallen and ran away in shock seeing the car dragging Anjali.

“The Baleno hit us head on. I fell to one side and she fell towards the front,” Nidhi told media.

“My friend got stuck under the car. The men knew that a girl had rolled under their car. They deliberately ran over her. They knew. The girl was stuck under the car and she was screaming. I felt so hopeless that I went home,” Nidhi further informed.

“I went home and didn’t tell anything to anyone. I had panicked. I cried a lot. They drove forward and back twice. Forward and back. Twice. She was on her back. Probably got stuck in something. So they went forward and back. Then they just drove off, dragging her under the car,” she said recollecting the striking visuals.

However, the five men who have been arrested as accused in the incident told police that they had no idea that the girl was stuck inside their car because they were in panick after hitting the scooty. They further said that all were drunk and the music was so loud that they heard nothing.

They said that they saw the girl’s body at Jonti village and while taking a U-turn they saw the woman’s arm. They left the body there and drove off. Then the men returned the car to one Ashutosh from whom they had borrowed and went home.

The 20-year-old Anjali was a breadwinner for her family of eight members. She was cremated on Tuesday amid massive protests in Delhi that shook the national capital.

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