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Covid Like Situation In Kerala As Authorities Declare Contaminated Zones Following Nipah Outbreak

The Kozhikode district of Kerala has experienced an outbreak of the fatal Nipah virus, which has caused the state to establish containment zones akin to those from the Covid era in nine panchayats. After the state reported two deaths from the brain-damaging virus, which also causes respiratory distress and encephalitis, authorities are frantically trying to find high-risk contacts. The hospitals are now treating five additional Nipah virus victims. Since Kerala first reported the sickness in 2018, there have been four outbreaks of the Nipah virus in the state.

The containment zones have been established five kilometers away from the residences of the two men who perished on August 30 and September 11 after contracting the Nipah virus. According to news agency, which cited a source with knowledge of the situation, the state had submitted 11 additional samples to Pune’s National Institute of Virology for testing, which, to the government’s relief, yielded negative readings for the virus.

Additionally, tests have been sent for the samples of an additional 15 people on the high-risk contact list.

To assess the situation and support the state government in managing the Nipah virus, a five-person team with experts from the National Center for Disease Control, RML Hospital, and NIMHANS has been stationed in Kerala.

To battle the deadly Nipah virus, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has given the monoclonal antibody at the state’s request.

Although its effectiveness has not yet been demonstrated in clinical trials, the antiviral is currently the sole choice the government has for treating infections.

The stability of the antiviral was discussed with a central expert group, according to Kerala’s health minister Veena George.
Additionally, ground zero received a mobile BSL-3 (Biosafety Level-3) laboratory to test samples for the virus there.

The Kerala government has made the decision to collect body fluid samples from every person who is listed as a “high-risk” contact for the first Nipah victim.

Because of the recent reports of Nipah cases coming from Kerala, the Rajasthani government has instructed medical professionals to remain “alert.”

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