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Construction Of New Terminal Building Of Worth ₹240 Cr For Vizag Airport Proposed To Airport Authority

The Airports Authority of India has been sent a proposal to build a new terminal building for the Vizag airport at a cost of Rs 240 crore that will be the same size as the previous one. The Airport Advisory Committee recently conducted a review meeting. MP MVV Satyanarayana of Visakhapatnam presided over the gathering. Numerous debates were held on the subject.

The upcoming five-year plan must accept the proposal. In addition, plans call for four extra parking spaces. A few issues were also brought up during the discussion. There will be restrictions on the distribution of time slots between 8 AM and 8 PM, with only one flight being allowed to arrive and take off between 3 PM and 4 PM and between 7 PM and 8 PM.

In addition, due to a staffing shortage and ongoing projects, air cargo operations for outgoing cargo have been entirely suspended for the past three months. A participant in the gathering has requested that the MP for Visakhapatnam raise the matter with the Ministry.

“No air freight is currently being transported from Vizag, whereas 150 tonnes, including emergency cargo like blood samples, were previously transported. According to a member named O. Naresh Kumar, “On the Chief Minister’s request, only restricted shrimp was permitted for three months.

In terms of GDP input, Visakhapatnam is ranked ninth. The airport is currently rated 19th, though. After hearing this, the meeting attendees asked the airport director to take action to better the situation so that it ranks among the top 10. MP MVV Satyanarayan of Vishakhapatnam voiced his dissatisfaction with the airport’s flooring and roofing. He continued by saying that experts must be recruited in order to decorate the new structure.

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