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Congress Panel Suggests To ‘Suitably Accommodate’ Sidhu In Punjab Cabinet

To resolve an infighting going on in Punjab’s leadership a Congress panel has recommended that Chief Minister Amarinder Singh should stay at his position but his dissident Navjot Singh Sidhu should also be “suitably accommodated”.

The three-member panel has suggested a key role for Punjab Congress for Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has been in a long feud with the state chief minister Amarinder Singh.

Mr Sidhu “should be suitably accommodated and all sections of Punjab society must be justly represented in leadership and party positions”, the panel has advised the party chiefs leaving them in dilemma of how to keep both the leaders happy.

Reportedly Amarinder Singh has been opposing the idea of assigning role to Sidhu either in his cabinet or as his Deputy Chief Minister.

Amid the steeped crisis in Punjab, a poster war has also been started in the state among both the faces.

In the war, firstly posters of CM Amarinder Singh were flagged in many parts of Mr Sidhu’s Amritsar East constituency and then Mr Sidhu’s poster in CM’s home turf Patiala.

The feud which has been going on since 2019, has now escalated to that extent that dissidents within the party are alleging the chief minister to be working in an “autocratic style”.

Mr Sidhu had quit the Punjab cabinet in 2019 after he felt that he was given a ministry of less significance.

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