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Congress Leaders Rahul Gandhi And P Chidambaram Takes A Dig At Centre For It’s Vaccination Agenda

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, Congressman Rahul Gandhi took a shot at the central government over the record number of COVID-19 vaccinations given in a single day. Rahul took to Twitter to provide a graph of the vaccination progress over the last ten days with the tagline “event over.”

The “vaccination trends” graph was derived from the Co-WIN website and depicted the drop in inoculations following the record.

The announcement comes only days after India vaccinated 2.5 million people on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday.

“Event over,” the Congress leader tweeted, with the hashtag “vaccine.”

On Saturday, Rahul Gandhi expressed his hope that the country would see more record vaccinations. On Twitter, he added, “looking forward to many more days of 2.1 crore vaccinations. This pace is what our country needs,”

Additionally, in a series of tweets, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram had also said he was “happy and grateful that 2.5 crore vaccinations were administered on Friday,” Further, he asked, “But why did we have to wait until the PM’s birthday.”

In another tweet, the former Union finance minister questioned, “Suppose the prime minister’s birthday was on December 31, would the 2.5 crore vaccinations have been done only on the last day of the year.”

“Vaccination is not like cutting a cake on a birthday. Vaccination is a programme, it is a process. It has to be accelerated every day, not scale a peak on a birthday,” he added.

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