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Committee To Investigate Allegations Against Adani Group Already Into Action, Says Amit Shah

On Friday, March 17, Union Home Minister Amit Shah finally addressed the Adani controversy and the Congress’ requests for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) investigation into the accusations made against the company in the Hindenburg report. Speaking at the India Today Conclave 2023, he asserted that the Supreme Court has already established a group to look into the situation and urged the audience to have confidence in the legal system.

“Our administration is clear on the subject. When questioned about the allegations against Adani and the claims of an alliance between Adani and the Modi government, Shah responded, “What we are saying is that Supreme Court has established a committee to examine it and people should trust the judicial process.

He also discussed the stalled Parliamentary proceedings as a result of ongoing confrontations and demonstrations between the BJP and Congress during the event. According to Shah, the problem can be addressed if the Opposition is willing to discuss it and reach a consensus. “Let the two parties talk while seated before the Speaker. We will move forward two steps while they should advance two strides. Parliament will then begin to move quickly. But you can’t just hold a news conference and do nothing, he was quoted as saying.

“Despite our initiative, the Opposition has not made a suggestion for talks. So with whom will we speak? They are speaking with the press. They came up with a catchphrase advocating for expression freedom in parliament. The right to free expression is unrestricted in parliament. Nobody has the right to silence you, he declared.

Due to a commotion caused by Rahul Gandhi’s comments in London and the Adani problem, both Houses of Parliament were suspended on Friday and won’t reconvene again until March 20.

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