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Coal India Seeks For Vaccination Of Its Work Force From Centre After Heavy Fatalities

Coal India ltd., one of India’s biggest employers has sought help to accelerate vaccination of its work force from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government after deaths of its around 400 staff members from Covid-19.

The coal minor which employs nearly 2,59,000 people has asked for about 1 million doses to be made available from government officials for its staff and their family members. Around 64,000 employees, which is one fourth of the total workforce has only been vaccinated so far.

This plea comes amid a huge criticism faced by the Modi government for its handling of second wave of Covid-19 and failed vaccine rollout. The second wave has completely ravaged the health infrastructure of the country with states running short of oxygen and beds.

The sudden emergence of and early triumphalism has led India into a grim shortage of vaccines resulting in closing of many vaccination centers in the country. However, in his address to the nation Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday has announced free vaccines for all eligible at government vaccination centers.

Employees at coal mine has been working over hours of their shifts to make sure plants do not run out of fuel that produced 70 per cent of India’s electricity. Work in mines has never stopped, not even after the deaths due to the virus accelerated.

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