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CM Yogi Claims Power Retaining In UP Citing Polling Figures

District-wise voter turnout till 5 pm

Lalitpur – 67.38%
Kannauj – 60.28%
Kanpur Dehat – 58.48%
Kanpur Nagar – 50.76%
Kasganj – 59.11%
Firozabad – 57.41%
Jalaun – 53.84%
Jhansi – 57.71%
Etah – 63.58%
Mainpuri – 60.8%
Auraiya – 57.55%
Hathras – 59%
Etawah – 63.58%
Farrukhabad – 54.55%
Mahoba – 62.02%

PM Modi says the SP did not resist Channi when he insulted impoverished people in Uttar Pradesh.
PM Modi responded to Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s remark that he “would keep UP and Bihar ke bhaiya out of Punjab” by saying: “Punjab CM Channi attacked the poor, dalits, and backwards of Uttar Pradesh a few days ago in order to gain votes. The SP, on the other hand, did not protest him even once.”

PM Modi recalls the Ahmedabad bombings and accuses the SP of sympathising with terrorists.
PM Modi remarked during a campaign event in Hardoi: “Ahmedabad explosion terrorists have been punished by a court. I’m bringing the issue to the attention of the entire country. Some political parties have backed terrorists in the past. For their greed for the chair, these people also jeopardise the country. Similarly, the Samajwadi government in Uttar Pradesh ordered the withdrawal of cases against several terrorists in 14 incidents of terrorist attacks.”

According to CM Yogi, the BJP will win 80% of the seats, while the remaining 20% will be split between the SP, BSP, and Congress.

Encourage everyone to vote for the following cycle symbol: Akhilesh Yadav, the state police head

Yadav remarked during a political rally in Ayodhya: “I voted for the cycle symbol, and I urge everyone else to do the same. I want people to remember that the goal of this election is to elect the correct government to power. This election will send a message to save the country’s democracy and constitution.”

SP, who was defeated in 2017, will be defeated again in 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
PM Modi, speaking at an election rally in Unnao, said: “Even after being defeated in the first two phases, these individuals (Samajwadi Party leaders) fantasise of gaining power when they sleep. They lost in 2017, and they will lose again in 2022. Yogi will be brought back by the people of Uttar Pradesh.”

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