Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Chandrayaan-3 India’s Vikram Lander To Make Soft Landing At Moon Today At 6.04 PM

India’s prayers go deep as moon mission Chandrayaan-3 is set to touchdown the lunar surface today evening. However, scientists have predicted a “20 minutes of terror” before the landing.

The landing which is expected to take place at 6.04 pm will be telecasted live all around the country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is currently attending BRICS summit will also be attending the moment online.
Space officials have organized celebrations for the historic achievement.

There has been a continuous suspense as on Sunday Russia’s moon mission Luna-25 crashed just before it’s landing.

In 2019, India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 had also failed to land in the same area.

However, India’s space agency ISRO has continuously showed confidence in today’s landing stressing upon scientists’ efforts to incorporate all the valuable lessons taken from Chandrayaan-2.

The Vikram lander which is carrying the rover Pragyaan will make a soft landing on moon’s South Pole at 6.04 pm, but the live telecast will begin T 5.20 pm from the ISRO website, DD National and also YouTube channel.

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