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Chandigarh Mayoral Election: Video Of Anil Masih Signing On Ballot Papers Goes Viral

A fresh, clear video of Presiding Officer Anil Masih signing vote papers has surfaced on social media, adding even another twist to the scandal surrounding the Chandigarh mayoral election. The footage was recorded by a CCTV camera stationed in the hall.

Anil Masih is seen in the video crossing off votes while staring at the CCTV camera. This raises questions regarding the impartiality of the January 30 polls, which saw the BJP win.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Swati Maliwal also uploaded the updated footage, which was taken from the CCTV camera’s top angle, stating that Masih had been exposed.

A few hours after the Supreme Court scolded the Returning Officer, a new video surfaced online saying that the officer should face legal punishment for defacing the ballot papers, calling it “murder” and “mockery” of democracy.

“Will not allow democracy to be murdered like this and that the apex court will order fresh elections if not satisfied with the purity of the poll process,” an ‘appalled’ Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, who headed a three-judge Division bench, said.

The court has also ordered the retention of ballots and video recordings of the voting process, and has inquired as to whether the Returning official (RO) is an official or a wanted person. In addition, during the next hearing on February 19, the Supreme Court has asked Anil Masih to appear in person in the Chandigarh mayoral elections case.

“It is obvious that he(the RO) has defaced the ballot papers. This man should be prosecuted. Look, why is he looking at the camera? Mr Solicitor (General), this is a mockery of democracy and murdering democracy, we are appalled. Is this the behaviour of a returning officer,” Justice Chandrachud observed.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court’s decision to deny the AAP any temporary relief in its request for new Chandigarh mayoral elections was challenged by the party in a motion to the Supreme Court, which resulted in the order.

The Congress-AAP combination was defeated by the BJP on January 30 as it won all three of the mayoral positions in Chandigarh.

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