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Centre Opposes Bihar Govt’s Caste-Based Survey Calling It ‘Union Subject’

The Bihar government’s proposal to undertake a caste-based survey in the state was rejected on Monday by the Centre, which claimed that it was a “Union subject.”

The census is a Union list matter, and the Centre alone is authorised to conduct it under Section 3 of the 1948 Act, according to an affidavit submitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Supreme Court.

The Census Act of 1948 governs the census process, according to the ministry, which also stated that “the subject of Census is covered under the Union list entry 69 in the seventh schedule.”

The two-page affidavit by the central government also states, “The central government is committed to take all affirmative actions for the upliftment of the SC/ST/OBC in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of India and the applicable law.”

The Patna High Court ruling that dismissed a group of PILs contesting the legality of the Bihar caste census is being challenged in a number of petitions that were filed alongside the Center’s response.

The state government’s effort was deemed by the high court to be fully legitimate and competent legally, and it was reported that this cleared the way for the exercise to restart after nearly three months of suspension.

According to information, the Bihar cabinet decided to conduct a caste-based census in 2022.

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