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CBSE Directs Schools To Submit LOC Of Board Students From Today Onwards.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has requested that schools submit candidate lists and LOCs for CBSE Board Exams 202-22. The data of eligible candidates will be collected by LOC starting September 17, 2021. The LOC can be submitted using the official portal of e-Pariksha, which can be found on the CBSE website at

The Board has advised schools to submit LOCs on time in order to complete Term I exams in November/December 2021. The deadline for submitting a candidate list is September 30, 2021.

Schools in India will be charged ₹1500 per candidate for five subjects, while schools outside India will be charged ₹1000 per candidate for five subjects. Schools in India would be required to pay ₹1200/- for five subjects for SC/ST students at government schools in Delhi. For schools in India, an additional/optional course will cost ₹300 per candidate. For schools outside of India, an additional/optional subject fee of ₹2,000 will be paid per candidate.

According to the official notice, schools must ensure that students sponsored are their own regular and bonafide students, that no bonafide students’ names are left unsponsored, that students are not from any unauthorized/ unaffiliated schools, that students are regularly attending classes, and that students are not registered with any other School Education Board.

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