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CBFC Passes UA Certificate For Pathaan After Massive Controversy

The Central Board of Film Certification granted Pathan a UA certificate after ten changes were made based on advice from the CBFC as Shah Rukh Khan prepares for the debut of his new movie. The close-up pictures of lead actress Deepika Padukone have been eliminated, and a few language adjustments have been made.

Pathaan, which was directed by Sidharth Malhotra, also features Deepika, Shah Rukh, and John Abraham. The movie will be released on January 25.

Close-up views of “buttocks, side-pose, and sensual dance movements during the lines Bahut Tang Kiya” have been removed from the contentious song Besharam Rang, among other adjustments. Details of the ten modifications recommended by the CBFC that have been incorporated into Pathaan’s final cut for theatrical distribution were revealed in a Bollywood Hungama report. According to the report, the certificate does not state if the saffron attire, which has been at the centre of debates and demonstrations against the movie, was altered or eliminated.

The word “RAW” was changed to “Hamare,” and “Langde Lulle” was dropped in favour of “Toote Foote.” In 13 separate locations, the words “PMO” and “PM” were changed to “President” or “Minister,” respectively. The phrase “Ashok Chakra” was altered to “Veer Puraskar,” and the word “Mrs. Bharatmata” was changed to “Hamari Bharatmata.” SBU was used in stead of KGB. The word “sotch” was changed to “drink” in one of the lines, and a mention to Russia was also dropped.

Online circulates a photo of the CBFC certificate showing the cuts.

In the meantime, demonstrators in Ahmedabad tore down Pathaan posters. People were heard yelling slogans as they tore up posters and even enormous cutouts of Pathaan’s actors, according to a video posted on Twitter by the Bajrang Dal Gujarat. The incident happened in the Alpha One mall in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, where Bajrang Dal members made a scene.

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