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CBFC Must Be Strict After Controversy On Pathan’s Besharam Rang, Says KGF Actor Anant Nag

Anant Nag, a seasoned actor who played a significant role in the original KGF film, has criticised Deepika Padukone’s attire for the next movie Pathaan. Certain segments of the audience were drawn to the song “Besharam Rang” from the movie because they perceived Deepika’s character’s bikini as a color-coded insult to religious sensibilities. The Central Board of Film Certification reportedly suggested cutting the song segment and the entire movie as a result of the ensuing dispute.

Pathaan, a spy-action movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, will be released on January 25. Ever since the song was made available online last month, the movie has been mired in controversy. Even though Deepika’s attire was the focus of the debate, Anant Nag classified the song as having “nudity material” in an interview with Asianet.

“Our Indian culture does not support depicting women in such a manner. This wouldn’t have happened in the first place if the censor team had done their job, he continued, adding, “Forget about movies, look at OTT material, they display all kinds of unpleasant and obscene stuff. Nobody is present to stop them, and everything is openly displayed.

The actor concluded, “The Indian Cinema should stop such nudity content on big and small screens. Showing things against our culture and tradition will definitely cause conflicts among the people.”

Several members of the film industry have commented on the “Besharam Rang” controversy in recent weeks. Most recently, renowned author Javed Akhtar said during a book launch event that one should have faith in the government people chosen to handle these situations. The choice of whether the song is correct or bad is not up to you or me. A government department, members of the government, and representatives from various social groups will watch the movie and decide what will be approved and what won’t. We ought to have faith in that certification, the cuts they recommend, and the things they pass, he said.

Prior to the debut of her 2018 period drama Padmaavat, Deepika was infamously targeted by fringe elements, forcing heavy security at some screenings.

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