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CBFC Finally Passes Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 With 27 Major Cuts

The Censor Board approved OMG 2 but made 27 adjustments. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has awarded the Akshay Kumar-starring movie an A certificate after multiple scene changes, scene deletions, and disclaimer additions were requested. News Agency has access to a document that details the adjustments OMG 2 made in accordance with the CBFC’s instructions.

The changes include “modified the entire portrayal pf the character Shiv ji and presented him as a devotee and messenger of God. Also added a dialogue ‘Nandi mere bhakt… Jo agya prabhu,” deleted of ‘frontal nudity and suitably replaced with visual of Naga Sadhus’ and removed the ‘poster of Mood X condom on the billboard.’ Additionally, it was disclosed in the paper that OMG 2 had changed the mention of Ling such that it is now only used when necessary as Shivling or Shiv rather than Ling alone.

Also established is the length of OMG 2, which will be 2 hours and 36 minutes.

According to an earlier report, the Censor Board requested around 20 adjustments, one of which was to modify Akshay Kumar’s role from Lord Shiva to a divine messenger. It was alleged that the alterations were unsatisfactory and that the creators intended to resist them. “The makers are not comfortable with these cuts as they believe that it’ll affect the essence of the film. They are also not okay with an ‘A’ certificate. After all, they feel that the topic of sex education should be seen by people of all ages,” a source told News Agency last week. Akshay Kumar and director Amit Rai had not reacted to these claims.

The 2012 film OMG, which again featured Akshay Kumar in the lead role, was followed up with OMG 2. The 2012 film’s Paresh Rawal, who was in it, won’t appear in the follow-up. Pankaj Tripathi has joined the franchise in its place. In the film, Yami Gautam also has a significant role. OMG 2 is said to be centered on sex education. There is, however, no formal confirmation of this.

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